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  • Immediately increase your competitive edge in the industry, from a company-wide macro level down to individual technicians, with a single tool
  • Assess and improve operator skill levels in just hours
  • Compare competency among contractors at a glance
  • All for less than you're currently spending on assessment and training
  • Now you can.
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iCAN’s smart technology learns and predicts system-wide outcomes based on ever-changing variables, alerting you to potential problems before they happen, which means less downtime due to unnecessary shut-downs.

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iCAN Technologies has specific skillset job assessments and robust training courses built into the system, with more being added to meet the evolving needs of the industry.

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Training modules from our proprietary VR platform with simulation go in-depth so operators can gain proficiency and close gaps at an expedited rate.

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Our responsive, continually expanding platform makes 21st century agility and competitiveness possible for companies in every area of the industry.

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Cost Effective

See immediate savings—an average of 40% saved compared to what most clients currently spend on assessment and training. Plus, eliminate the risk and expense of sending assessors on offshore site visits or sending employees to training facilities.

Get your business operating at its
Using our proprietary virtual offshore platform, leaders can quickly identify competency gaps in their teams with advanced analytics that measure holistically and individually. Training modules from our robust library of specific skillset job assessments provide real-world training scenarios so operators gain proficiency and close gaps at an expedited rate.
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